Middle School

Ok, so now that the arduous years of elementary school are over, you can advance into the wonderful adventure that is middle school. Middle school is full of new experiences: having more than one classroom, having more than one teacher, not having any recess (not that it will be around much longer anyway), different teaching methods, different writing methods, different friends, getting crushes, falling in love, and falling out of love (not that those are good things).

Middle school can also be a scary place. The teachers are meaner, the students are meaner, the rules are meaner, and the food isn’t any better. Sure, not every middle school experience is going to be inundated by mean people and nasty food, but a good majority of kids will see it that way. Imagine this: you just left a school where you had been for eight years (if you count preschool), you know the teachers, the hallways, who the bully was, and the name and birth date of the lunch lady. So coming to a new school is like having your rover land on a whole new planet!

Parents of middle school aged kids don’t have it easy either. Now that the years of learning colors, shapes, and coloring in the lines are gone, they are now facing years of algebra, geography, and life science. The average parent is desperate to recall even the basics of algebra, they don’t have a clue where Djibouti is, and they certainly can’t remember what a mitochondrion is.  Not only are the parents and the kids both dealing with learning (re-learning in the parent’s case) new things, they also have to deal with puberty and all the glorious shrapnel that entails.

From cracking voices, to grease laden faces, puberty is a stage many people had wished to avoid. Regardless, human bodies must develop, little boys must grow hair on their faces, and little girls must start wearing bras. Very little of that can be averted.

Middle school is not only a time of growing minds; it is also a time of flowering people.  So the next time you pass a junior high on your way to do your daily duties; put your hand to your heart and say a prayer for students and parents going through the blissful displeasure that is middle school.

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