Notice about ERIC from the US Dept of Education

Notice to ERIC Database Contributors, Partners, and Vendors

 In January 2004, the Department of Education will begin to implement a reengineering plan for ERIC.  The new ERIC mission continues the core function of providing a centralized bibliographic database of journal articles and other published and unpublished education materials.  It enhances the database by adding free full text and electronic links to commercial sources and by making it easy to use and up to date.

Beginning in January and until the new ERIC model for acquiring education literature is developed later in 2004, no new materials will be received and accepted for the database. However, the ERIC database will continue to grow, as thousands of documents selected by the ERIC clearinghouses throughout 2003 will be added. When the new model is ready later in 2004, the new ERIC contractor will communicate with publishers, education organizations, and other database contributors to add publications and materials released from January 2004 forward. 

 ERIC clearinghouses, including AskERIC, close at the end of December 2003.  During the transition period, continue to use the following ERIC website <> to:

-        Search the ERIC database.
-        Search the ERIC Calendar of Education-Related Conferences.
-         Link to the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS) to purchase ERIC full-text documents.
-         Link to the ERIC Processing and Reference Facility to purchase ERIC tapes and tools.
-         Stay up-to-date about the ERIC transition to a new contractor and model.

Toll-free contact for general questions about ERIC:  (800) LET-ERIC (538-3742).

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