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Improving the Motivation of Middle School Students through the Use of Curricular and Instructional Adaptations.

Eisele, Todd

Abstract: This action research project evaluated a program to improve student motivation, attendance rate, percent of homework returned, and student academic growth. The targeted population was a seventh-grade class in a middle school in north central Illinois. The problem of inadequate student motivation was documented by means of attendance rates, students' time-on-task, class participation, and teacher journals recording classroom behavior and academic achievement. Analysis of probable cause research revealed that students' inadequate motivation is related to their poor self-esteem, unchallenging and repetitive assignments, emotionally stressful classroom environments, and extensive use of extrinsic rewards. A review of solution strategies resulted in the selection of three major categories of intervention: cooperative learning, students choice in activities and assignments, and lessons designed to reflect students' learning preferences. Post- intervention data indicated an increase in intrinsic motivation. Behaviors believed to be extrinsically motivated, such as attendance and homework completion, showed smaller increases. (Five appendixes include observation checklists and sample instructional materials. Contains 36 references.) (Author/EV)

Title: Improving the Motivation of Middle School Students through the Use of Curricular and Instructional Adaptations.
Author: Eisele, Todd
Note: 66p.; Master's Action Research Project, Saint Xavier University and IRI/Skylight Field-Based Master's Program.
Publication Year: 1996
Document Type: Thesis (042); Evaluative Report (142)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Researchers
ERIC Identifier: ED412010
Clearinghouse Identifier: PS025870

Descriptors: * Change Strategies; Classroom Techniques; Cooperative Learning; Grade 7; Instructional Effectiveness; * Instructional Innovation; Junior High Schools; Learning Strategies; Middle Schools; Motivation Techniques; Self Motivation; Student Empowerment; * Student Improvement; * Student Motivation; Student Participation; Teaching Methods

Identifiers: *Middle School Students

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