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Counseling Asian Families from a Systems Perspective. The Family Psychology and Counseling Series.

Ng, Kit S., Ed.

Abstract: The heterogeneous groups that make up Asian cultures with their diversity of educational, political, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds are highlighted, and culturally relevant treatment strategies are presented. Cha pters in Part 1 "Understanding and Assessing Asian Families" are: (1) "Theoretical Framework for Therapy with Asian Families" (T. H. Chang, R. L. Yeh); (2) "Multimodel Assessment of Asian Families" (M. M. Yu); (3) "Understanding Cultural Values in Counseling Asian Families" (X. Hu, G. Chen). In Part 2, "Counseling Asian Families," topics are (4) "Counseling Chinese Families: A Postmodern Approach" (S. Wu); (5) "Using a Task- Centered Approach with Vietnamese Families" (W. Nguyen); (6) "Exploring Aspects of Filipino American Families" (R. A. Cimmarusti); (7) "Important Considerations in Counseling Asian Indians" (W. Seegobin); (8) "Connectedness Versus Separateness: Applicability of Family Therapy to Japanese Families" (T. Tamura, A. Lau); (9) "Using Solution-Focused Therapy with Korean Families" (S. J. Song). Part 3, "Special Issues," includes (10) "American-Born and Overseas-Born Chinese Americans: Counseling Implications" (Y. B. Chung, D. S. Chou); (11) "Ethnic and Sexual Identity Development of Asian American Lesbian and Gay Adolescents" (Y. B. Chung, M. Katayama); (12) "The Practice of Family Therapy with Asian Families: A Conversation with Insoo Kim Berg" (K. S. Ng). (EMK)

Title: Counseling Asian Families from a Systems Perspective. The Family Psychology and Counseling Series.
Author: Ng, Kit S., Ed.
ISSN: 1071-8885
ISBN: 1-55620-203-2
Note: 184p.
Publication Year: 1999
Document Type: Book (010); Non-classroom Material (055)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Teachers
ERIC Identifier: ED425395
Available from: American Counseling Association, 5999 Stevenson Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304- 3300 (Order #72681).
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Descriptors: * Asian Americans; * Counseling Techniques; * Counseling Theories; Counselor Client Relationship; Cross Cultural Studies; Family Life; Family Problems; * Inte rcultural Communication; Systems Approach; Values

Identifiers: *Family Therapy

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