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Protecting and Counseling Gay and Lesbian Students.

Callahan, Connie J.

Abstract: Discusses risks of school failure, suicide, and serious life problems among gay and lesbian youth and the need for counselors who will understand and work with them. Reviews court cases that demonstrate the liability of schools to protect gay and lesbian students from harassment. Recommends practical counseling strategies for gay and lesbian students. (Contains 26 references.) (GCP)

Title: Protecting and Counseling Gay and Lesbian Students.
Author: Callahan, Connie J.
Journal Citation: Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education and Development, v40 n1 p5-10 Spr 2001
ISSN: ISSN-0735-6846
Note: Special Section: "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling." For related articles, see CG 557 140-145.
Publication Year: 2001
Document Type: Review Literature (070); Journal Article (080)
ERIC Identifier: EJ629019
Clearinghouse Identifier: CG557139
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: Academic Failure; * At Risk Persons; Counseling; * Counseling Techniques; High Schools; * Homosexuality; Humanistic Education; Lesbianism; * School Responsibility; * Student Characteristics; Suicide

Identifiers: *Homosexual Rights

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