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Young Adult Reflections on Having an Openly Gay Teacher during Early Adolescence.

Rofes, Eric

Abstract: Presents one teacher's story of being openly gay from 1978-83. He surveyed his former students, now in their 30s, about their experience as young adolescents with a gay teacher. Results showed that students did not necessarily confront intense concerns about it. Many noted the disparity between the intensity of the controversy and their lived experience with a gay teacher. (SM)

Title: Young Adult Reflections on Having an Openly Gay Teacher during Early Adolescence.
Author: Rofes, Eric
Journal Citation: Education and Urban Society, v32 n3 p399-412 May 2000
ISSN: ISSN-0013-1245
Publication Year: 2000
Document Type: Journal Article (080); Project Description (141)
Target Audience: Practitioners and Teachers
ERIC Identifier: EJ607493
Clearinghouse Identifier: UD522279
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: * Early Adolescents; * Homosexuality; Secondary Education; Sexual Identity; Student Attitudes; Students; Teacher Influence; Teacher Student Relationship; Teachers

Identifiers: *Homosexual Teachers

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