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A Bibliography of Works in Folklore and Education Published between 1929 and 1992.

Rosenberg, Jan, Comp.

Abstract: This bibliography presents books, journal articles, reports, and teaching guides published between 1929 and 1992 related to folklore education. The bibliography includes over 200 entries covering the history of education, community centered education, intercultural education, folklore and education, oral history projects conducted by students, and anthropology and education. Each entry includes author, date of publication, title, publisher, and library catalog number, when appropriate. (LP)

Title: A Bibliography of Works in Folklore and Education Published between 1929 and 1992.
Author: Rosenberg, Jan, Comp.
Note: 25p.; Prepared for the Folklore and Education Section of the American Folklore Society.
Publication Year: 1992
Document Type: Bibliography (131)
Target Audience: Media Staff and Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: ED387298
Clearinghouse Identifier: RC020269
Available from: Jan Rosenberg, P.O. Box 1093, Texarkana, AR 75504 ($7).

Descriptors: * Anthropology; Community Education; * Cultural Education; * Educational History; Elementary Secondary Education; Ethnic Groups; * Folk Culture; Humanities Instruction; Multicultural Education; * Oral History; Oral Tradition; Resource Materials; Rural Education; * Student Projects; Teaching Guides

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