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Gender Identity and Narrative Truth: An Autobiographical Approach to Bias.

Consiglio, Anthony

Abstract: Describes a high-school course called "Autobiography" that discusses nonfiction and gender. Describes how students write their autobiographies piecemeal while reading and discussing a partly autobiographical work of fiction, and how the course eventually centers around identifying biases of different sorts in one's own and in others' writing. Discusses bringing gay and transgender issues into the course. (SR)

Title: Gender Identity and Narrative Truth: An Autobiographical Approach to Bias.
Author: Consiglio, Anthony
Journal Citation: English Journal, v88 n3 p71-77 Jan 1999
Note: Theme: Genderizing the Curriculum.
Publication Year: 1999
Document Type: Teaching Guide (052); Journal Article (080); Project Description (141)
ERIC Identifier: EJ579149
Clearinghouse Identifier: CS756607
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: * Autobiographies; * Bias; * English Instruction; * Literature Appreciation; Course Descriptions; High Schools; Homophobia; Homosexuality; Sex Role; Sex Stereotypes; Writing Instruction

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