Education Resources

Improving Mathematical Skills of Low Achievers
Teaching Science and Mathematics
Standardized Tests
Teaching Limited English Proficient Students
Assessment in Language Arts
Sexual Harassment in Schools
Developmental Assessment of Young Children
Asian-American Children
Mathematical Connections in Early Grades
Mathematical Connections in Middle School
Mathematical Connections in High School
Teacher Portfolio Assessment
Portfolios for Assessment and Instruction
Electronic Portfolios Assessment
Assessing Career Development with Portfolios
Career Assessment Instruments
College Faculty Development and Evaluation
Assessment of Young Children
School Size and Academic Success
Faculty Workload Studies
Performance Assessment in the Classroom
Information Literacy
Learning Strategies
Portfolio Assessment in Mathematics Education
Teaching Mathematics to Gifted Students
Teacher Professional Development
Leadership in Career and Technical Education
Educating Children with Homeschooling
Stereotypes of Asian American Students
Information Literacy Instruction in Higher Education
Learning and Teaching Information Technology
Relationships Between Schools & Hispanic Parents
Students' Cognitive Styles
Profamily System of Education and Human Services
Reflections on the Reggio Emilia Approach
Bibliography of Works in Folklore and Education
Procedures of Confirmatory Factor Analysis
High Functioning Autism
Implementing Standards-Based Education
Questions for Parents Sending Kids to New School
Improving the Motivation of Middle School Students
National Tests and Education Reform
Report of the Anti-Violence Documentation Project
Teaching Problem-Solving Skills
Goals and Role of Multicultural Education
Teaching Strategies on Intrinsic Motivation
Educational Technology and Student Achievement
Counseling Asian Families from a Systems Perspective
Understanding and Applying Knowledge
Developments in Australian and American Classrooms
State Assessments vs. National Education Assessment
Estimating Error in State-to-NAEP Linkages
Hawai'i Statewide Mentoring Initiative
Resources in Institutional Research
National Assessment of Educational Progress
Vocational Student Organizations and Achievements
Study of Virtual Schools in the United States
Differential Item Functioning Based on Calculator Type
Developing a Common Metric in Item Response Theory
Career & Technical Education CTE Student Organizations
Observing Classroom Teaching Methods
Selecting an Instructional Management System
Effective Online Learning Environments
Enhancing Spatial-Temporal Reasoning With Music

Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual Adolescents

Communication Ecology of Adolescent Homosexuality
Gay and Lesbian Teenagers
Gay and Lesbian Teens Coming Out of the Closet
Gay Teens at Risk
Positive Identity Development of Young Gay Men
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth
School Support System for Gay Youth
Lessons from Lesbian and Gay Youth
Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents
Coming Out Process of Gay Male Adolescents
Reaching Out to Gay Teens
Developmental Approach to Gay and Lesbian Youth
Understanding Adolescent Homophobia
Verbal and Physical Abuse Among Gay Youth
Gay Youth in the Family
Suicidal Behavior Among Gay Male Adolescents
Commitment to Gay and Lesbian Youth
Maturation & Self-Esteem Among Gay Male Youths
Mental Health and Suicidality of Lesbian / Gay Youths
Therapeutic Programming for Gay and Lesbian Youth
Developmental Challenges of Gay and Lesbian Youth
Homosexual Identity Expression Among Gay Adolescents
Sexual Orientation and Early Childhood Education
Addressing Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Youth Issues
Gay & Lesbian Students Victimized by Silence and Bigotry
Sensitizing Youth-Serving Agencies to Gay Youths
Literature for Gay and Lesbian Teens
Survival and Sexual Identity of a Gay Adolescent
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual (GLB) Children
Needs of Lesbian and Gay Young Adolescents
Concern for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Kids
Suicide and Homosexual Teens

Gay / Lesbian Resources

Effective High School HIV Prevention Programs
Preventing AIDS in Gay Men & Intravenous Drug Users
Ignorance in the Age of AIDS
Knowledge, Beliefs, and Behaviors Regarding HIV/AIDS
Male Homosexuals from Different Backgrounds
Children Who Grow Up with Gay or Lesbian Parents
Sexual Cultures and Adolescent Identities
Human Rights for Korean Gay Men and Lesbians
Career and Life Planning with Gay Persons
Working with Lesbian / Gay Parents and Their Children
Expectations of Older Gay and Lesbian Adults
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Life Experiences
Gay and Lesbian Voices in Literature
Integrating Sexual Orientation in Career Counseling
Career Counseling with Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Persons
Gay and Lesbian Experiences in the Young Adult Novel
Development of Homosexual Identities
Art Education Involving Lesbians and Gays
Identity and Career Development of Lesbian Women
Career Counselor Attitudes/Behaviors Toward Gay Clients
Race and Sexual Orientation
The Psychology of Sexual Orientation
Working with Gays and Lesbians
Gender Identity and Narrative Truth
Supporting Gay/Straight Alliances and Leadership Efforts
Gay Men's Accounts of Growing Up in Heterosexist Society

Being Gay in School

Homophobia in Health Education
Lesbian and Gay Issues in Schools
Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Teachers
Gay Youth in American Public High Schools
Lesbian and Gay Teachers
Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth
High School Gay Youth
Survey of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Teachers
Legal Protection for Gay Public School Teachers
Gay Teachers Comparison of Job Stress & Satisfaction
Hispanic Parent Involvement in School
Gay Teachers' Job Satisfaction, Stress, and Identity
Rural, Suburban, and Urban Gay Teacher Comparison
Positive Educational Environment for Gay Adolescents
Critical Issues in the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Students
Gay and Lesbian Students, Teachers and Curricula
Joining Gay and Lesbian Teacher Organizations
Lesbian and Gay Inequalities in Education
Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Youth Education Resources
Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education
Gay/Lesbian Themes in the ESL Classroom
Gay Men in College
Helping Students Accept Sexual Diversity
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students
Lesbian and Gay Parents and the Schools
Teachers' Reactions to Children with Gay Parents
Experiences of a Lesbian Teacher in the UK
Addressing the Needs of Gay and Lesbian Students
Gay and Lesbian Texts in High School English
Gay and Lesbian Students and Staff Members
Surviving School as a Lesbian Student
Sexual Orientation in Counselor Education
Story of a Lesbian Teacher
Counseling Satisfaction of Gay College Students
What Teachers Need to Know About Homosexuality
What Schools Should Teach About Homosexuality
Sex and Orientation of the Teacher
The Teacher and the Gay and Lesbian Student
Anti-Homophobic Pedagogy
Elementary Teachers' Attitudes Toward Gay Parenting
Rights of Gay Student Organizations
Gay and Straight Students in Massachusetts
Lesbian Women and Education
Constructing a Lesbian Feminist Pedagogy
Gender, Sex, and the Gay Male Teacher
U.S. Public Schools and Institutional Homophobia
Improving Schools for Gays and Transgender People
Starting a Gay/Straight Alliance in School
Violence & Discrimination Against Gays in U.S. Schools
Addressing Gay and Lesbian Issues in the Curriculum
Addressing Homophobia in Schools
Educational Equity for Gay and Transgendered Students
Parents Speak About Their Gay Families and Schools
Openly Gay Teacher During Early Adolescence
Positive Learning Environment for Gay Students
How To Support Your Gay and Straight Students
Masculinities and Homophobia in the English Classroom
Protecting and Counseling Gay and Lesbian Students
Protect Gay and Lesbian Students From School Violence

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