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Silence Is the Voice of Complicity: Addressing Homophobia in Schools.

Jennings, Kevin

Abstract: Surveys of students in two private schools in northeastern states showed that antigay bias is pervasive (beginning with middle schoolers), involves mostly boys, arises in unstructured spaces, and is frequently overlooked by teachers. Schools considering interventions should recognize the import of sexual identity and respect, set precedents, and abolish silence. (MLH)

Title: Silence Is the Voice of Complicity: Addressing Homophobia in Schools.
Author: Jennings, Kevin
Journal Citation: Independent School, v58 n2 p54-59 Win 1999 1999
Publication Year: 1999
Document Type: Journal Articles (080); Reports--evaluative (142)
Target Audience: Administrators and Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: EJ591065
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: * Bisexuality; * Homophobia; * Intervention; Private Schools; School Responsibility; Secondary Education; * Sexual Identity; * Student Attitudes; Student Surveys

Identifiers: *Homosexual Teachers; Respect

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