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The Teacher and the Gay and Lesbian Student.

Coleman, Gerald D.

Abstract: Argues that Catholic educators must address the issue of homosexuality with students and reviews Church doctrine on key issues. Discusses definitions of homosexuality, the Church's view that homosexual activity is wrong, and its condemnation of homophobia. Provides practical guidelines for Catholic educators. (20 citations) (AJL)

Title: The Teacher and the Gay and Lesbian Student.
Author: Coleman, Gerald D.
Journal Citation: Momentum, v28 n2 p46-48 Apr-May 1997
ISSN: 0026-914X
Publication Year: 1997
Document Type: Journal Article (080); Position Paper (120)
Target Audience: Researchers
ERIC Identifier: EJ546313
Clearinghouse Identifier: JC507699
This document is NOT available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

Descriptors: * Catholic Educators; Elementary Secondary Education; * Homophobia; * Homosexuality; * Religious Education; Sexuality; * Teacher Responsibility

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